Antique Tibetan oxblood coral and gilt Newari wedding pendant from our VANISHING ARTS Collection.


The History

Ancient beads are as old as human time. Long before the importance of spices, silk and tea to global trade, and 50,000 years before the arrival of coins, beads were being fashioned, traded and worn. Their endless variation through cultures and millennia reflects the endless variation in human purpose: a rich man amasses his wealth, an artisan expresses her vision, someone discovers the properties of a local resource, a beauty is adorned. 



The Facts

In 1971, the young Karen and Harley Glesby went off to see the world. They found themselves in exotic marketplaces increasingly drawn to bead traders. They became struck by the realization that one could discover the history of the world through the stories of its beads. In fascination, they covered the globe on numerous occasions, acquiring beads for over four decades. They now have a worthy collection of these increasingly vanishing ancient and antique treasures.

Silver Moon Trading has evolved since their first adventures. Vanishing Arts jewellery incorporates original one-of-a-kind designs in brilliant  combinations, with artists' eyes, technicians' skill and their amazing ancient and antique beads. 


The Future

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